Why Are Vietnam Hair Extensions So Popular In The World Market

It should not come as a surprise that Vietnamese hair is among the finest available on the market. Vietnam hair extensions are popular due to their superior qualities. This blog will explore outstanding characteristics and where to buy high quality Vietnam hair extensions.

  1. Vietnam hair extensions are so sought after on the world hair market  

Vietnamese hair extensions are currently the most in-demand products on the world hair market. Numerous hair businesses have made huge profits from trading Vietnam hair extensions. 

  • Africans, in particular, have favored Vietnamese hair extensions for a long time. When African hair retailers import hair extensions from Vietnam, they can charge two to three times their initial investment. 
  • Vietnam hair extensions are consistently in high demand due to their prominence in the US and Europe market. Because the target customers are high-end ones, the price when selling at these markets will be three to five times higher than the original cost. 
Vietnam hair extensions are in high demand in the world hair market
Vietnam hair extensions are in high demand in the world hair market
  • Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale are at the most competitive price but the highest quality on the world hair market. This is another reason for the popularity of Vietnam hair extensions around the world. 
  • There is no sign of decrease in the demand for human hair extensions Vietnam while the domestic supply declines mildly as a result of urbanization. 

2. A summary of Vietnam hair extensions product

Vietnamese hair extensions are renowned worldwide for their durability and softness.  Vietnam hair sources produce the finest hair on the international market today, so whether human hair extensions Vietnam are really good or not, let’s find out in the next section.

2.1. Where the raw materials for Vietnam hair extensions sourced from

Vietnam hair extensions are made totally from Vietnam human hair which is taken directly from women living in rural or mountainous areas of Vietnam. To make sure that the hair is consistently of the best quality, only high quality raw materials are chosen and meticulously sorted by skillful artisans. 

2.2. Outstanding characteristics of Vietnam hair extensions 

Let’s examine the distinguishing characteristics of Vietnamese hair extensions to find out if Vietnamese hair is really good. 

  • Natural straight and black: Vietnamese hair is black and straight by nature, and smooth and thick due to hair care routine with natural, chemical-free products and healthy lifestyles of Vietnamese people. 
  • Vietnamese hair is naturally smooth and straight, making it simple to obtain curly styles and any bleached color. Even after being styled or coloured, Vietnamese hair extensions retain their strength and durability. Particularly, Vietnamese hair could be dyed any color, which is a popular and well-liked hue in Europe. 
  • Vietnam hair extensions are made totally from Vietnam human hair which is taken directly from women who live in rural or mountainous areas of Vietnam. To make sure that the hair is consistently of the best quality, only high quality raw materials are chosen and meticulously sorted by skillful artisans. 
  • Vietnamese hair hasn’t been chemically treated and is taken care of with all-natural products, that’s why it is extremely resilient and durable for three to five years. In contrast to Indian hair, China’s hair is frequently chemically treated to achieve the shiny and straight appearance, resulting in a very short lifespan.
  1. Some types of Vietnam Hair extensions 

Virgin, remy and non-remy hair are the main 3 types of Vietnamese hair extensions supplied to the world hair market. Let’s examine each type of hair in greater detail below. 

3.1. Virgin Vietnam hair extensions 

Virgin hair is considered the best type of Vietnam hair extensions, originating from only one donor with intact cuticles that are aligned in the same way and have not been chemically altered. 

  • Hair taken from a single donor must be straight, long, robust, and naturally jet-black; therefore, virgin hair is the purest, strongest, and most resilient type of hair. 
  • Since virgin hair is extremely durable than other types of Vietnamese hair extensions, the customers will have to pay a higher price for it. 
Virgin Vietnam hair extensions are so sought after
Virgin Vietnam hair extensions are so sought after

3.2. Remy Vietnam hair extensions 

Remy human hair extensions Vietnam are sourced from at least two donors with identical hair quality, intact cuticles moving in the same way. 

  • The uniformity of texture of hair elements is inferior to virgin hair. However, thanks to modern procedures and high-qualified workers, remy Vietnam hair extensions’ quality is still guaranteed. 
  • Remy Vietnamese hair extensions are a well-liked option among consumers around the globe. Remy human hair extensions Vietnam are more popular than ever due to their guaranteed quality and affordable price.

3.3. Non-remy  Vietnam hair extensions

Non-Remy hair is a mixture of several types of hair collected from numerous donors, with damaged cuticles. The quality of non-Remy hair is inferior to that of the other two types of Vietnamese hair extensions. 

  • Non-remy hair is made from hair taken from multiple donors.  
  • The directions of hair strands in non-remy hair are inconsistent and unqualified. So it is easy to shed and tangle. 
  • Non-remy Vietnam hair extensions still fulfills the requirements of many clients who desire a short-term, low-cost solution, thanks to advancements in technology and craftsmanship. 
  1. How to purchase affordable and high-quality Vietnam hair extensions 

In the section that follows, we will provide you with a number of tips and considerations to help you purchase affordable Vietnamese hair extensions of high quality. 

4.1. Suggestions for locating a prospective supplier of Vietnam hair extensions  

To obtain premium hair, you must first locate a dependable supplier. 

  • Create a list of prospective suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale: 
    • Utilize the Internet as well as your personal connections to obtain as many recommendations as possible for reputable manufacturers of Vietnam hair extensions. 
  • The dependable suppliers will be forthright and transparent about everything, like company information, catalogs of products, price lists, and policies. 
  • Select the top Vietnamese hair factory of Vietnam hair extensions: You can contact multiple Vietnamese hair wholesalers simultaneously, compare their prices, and select the one with the best price and highest-quality products. 
  • Carefully review their payment, warranty and return policies. Choosing a vendor who permits exchanges and returns to minimize the risk. 
  • After you have narrowed down the list of suppliers of human hair extensions Vietnam, use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find customer feedback to help you make a decision. 

4.2. Tips to deal a better price with supplier of Vietnam hair extensions

Here are some tips for dealing better prices with suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions. 

Contact multiple sales of the same manufacturer of human hair extensions Vietnam and choose one offering you the best deal. 

  • Ask for the wholesale price of Vietnam hair extensions and see whether the hair vendors are willing to negotiate. Even when you don’t buy in bulk on your initial order, hair manufacturers will still offer you the best deal. 
  • Demonstrate your willingness to continue doing business with the hair vendors if they offer you a competitive price. 
  1. Some recommended suppliers of Vietnam hair extensions

To help you save time and minimize the risk of being scammed, we have compiled a list of the best suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions for you to consider. 

5.1. Mic Hair – one of the best suppliers of Vietnam hair extensions 

Mic Hair is among the largest suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions in the international market with 10 years of experience in trading human hair in the international market.. 

  • Bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontals are the primary products. 
  • Price: quite high, beginning at $129 per 1kg natural hair straight. 
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

Mic Hair can be an excellent option for those seeking high quality Vietnam hair extensions and value excellent customer service. 

5.2. Cyhair – one of the best suppliers of Vietnam hair extensions 

CyHair is a supplier of Vietnamese hair products with a stellar reputation for manufacturing Vietnam hair extensions of the highest quality by embedding retail, R&D and service. 

  • Main products: Clip-in extensions, tip and tape-in hair extensions,… The quality varies with time period 
  • Price: extremely reasonable. $9.3 per bundle of 100g of Remy Hair 8 inches. 
  • Returns and exchanges are permitted within 15 days of delivery. 

Cyhair is an excellent option for those in search of high quality and affordable Vietnamese hair extensions. 

5.3. AZ Hair – one of the best suppliers of Vietnam hair extensions 

Since more than 15 years ago, AZ Hair has set the foot in the world hair industry and become one of the first and biggest hair factories in Vietnam 

  • Products: weft hair, bulk hair, closures and frontals,… 
  • Price: competitive, beginning at $11.8 per bundle of 100 straight hair 8 inches 
  • Exchanges and returns are accepted within 3 days of delivery, with the exception of incorrect product selections, such as the wrong size or wrong address.

AZ Hair is an excellent choice for purchasing the best Vietnam hair extensions due to the high quality of their products and their affordable prices.

The demand for Vietnamese hair is rising rapidly in the international industry. The marketing of Vietnamese hair has been very profitable for many wholesalers and merchants of hair. Let’s read on to learn about Vietnam hair prices and why it’s money well spent: https://thebesthairvendor.com/vietnam-hair-price-and-extensive-knowledge-must-read/

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